C’est une société, un boitier mais surtout un projet kickstarter.

Le boitier Dune est un projet sur une base Mini ITX, déjà fonctionnel en tant que prototype et qui souhaiterait maintenant s’offrir aux joies de la production de masse.

Dune Case

En rentrant dans un processus de fabrication en volume, le concepteur espère ainsi pouvoir proposer son boitier à un prix « honnête » de 189$.


Utilisable comme un Mini ITX classique, le Dune reprend les recettes d’Apple concernant la ventilation…mais ne semble pas capable cependant d’accepter deux cartes vidéos.


Ce châssis Dune fonctionnera avec une alimentation SFX et ne pourra accepter des cartes graphiques d’une taille maximum de 185mm ( comme on commence à en trouver au « standard » mini Itx ).

Si vous souhaitez voir naître ce projet et pourquoi pas être dans les premiers à en recevoir un, vous pouvez participer au Kickstarter lancé depuis quelques jours et espérer la bonne nouvelle au début de l’été 2016…ou encore vous rabattre sur le MSI Vortex qui devrait arriver au printemps.

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  1. Hey Guys .. Thanks for all the comments here .. let me address a few of the concerns .. First thanks for your interest. It has been one year in the making. Using standard parts was a challenge to fit inside a cylindrical case. There were so many suggestions to say « yeah good enough, it works » but it didnt satisfy me. I wanted this to be tidy and easy to access. Ofcourse there are going to be limitations with size. but we were able to create this case the best of our ability and one year later you have dune case.
    Lets talk about the design. First the parts used in this case can only be mini ITX and SFX psu. All small factor. We design this from the ground up.
    The front panel is a custom built pcb with custom sized cables that feed to your motherboard and GPU. these connectors are also custom build so that is has enough clearance to mount. The cable from the front panel is channeled to the psu holder and then through the middle of the case and to the peripherals. The front panel will also have a mini display port options if you perfer that.
    The PSU holder is very unique. This houses the PSU and also isolates the air flow into two sections of the case, CPU and GPU. The air then travels through these sections and the 140mm fan on top of the case helps pull the hot air through.
    I have spent a year building this case. We had an engineer from Europe to fly down here because we could not source the talent locally. His name is Stojan Jankovic and he sacrific time away from his family to do this. I am very grateful for his support. Also when doing this we did do our due diligence and seek professional advice. And based on that we spent one year building something for the community.
    I hope you all like what we have done. We have had this ready for production and no short cuts have been made in design. Days of discussion has been talked about from connectors, placement of mobo, gpu, cable management and thermals. Please rest assure we looked at all that and it took one year not 1 months for a quick sale.
    I hope you can all support kickstarter and any questions i am happy to answer.